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Hello! Since you’re here, it means you’ve experienced some youthful mistakes that have been immortalized in the form of a tattoo. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and there’s a solution for that. Read on—it won’t take you more time than wearing a tattoo you don’t want!

We are here to help you transform your old tattoo into a new, fresh masterpiece. In our tattoo studio, approximately 50% of the tattoos we create are cover-ups, so we know all about it.

Why choose our studio? Because we have extensive experience in tattoo cover-ups, and we will help you transform your old tattoo into something you truly love.

However, please note that we do not do tattoo cover-ups on the basis of “cheap and quick.” We perform cover-ups only after consultation with our artists. The artist must see your old tattoo in person and based on that, begin designing a new one that will anatomically fit the old one. We do not accept the argument that you live 30 or 50 km from Wrocław — we have clients not only from all over Poland but from the entire European Union.

Remember that a tattoo cover-up is more than just a regular tattoo. It’s a chance for a fresh start, a transformation of something that may weigh on your heart. However, it can also become your new regret if you choose a cheap cover-up.

A tattoo cover-up is a challenge — for our artists, but above all, for you. It’s a challenge to dare to change.

If you’re ready for a new chapter in your life in the form of a tattoo cover-up, we welcome you to our studio!

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Our tattoo studio has been serving clients since 2021, providing tattoo-related services. In our tattoo studio, we can create both new tattoos and cover-up tattoos, regardless of the level of complexity.

A key element of our business is customer satisfaction. We ensure that each of our projects meets the client’s expectations. We do not want to take on projects that will not meet your expectations. Our goal is not only profit but, above all, your satisfaction and recommending our services to others.

Since 2021, we have gained many satisfied customers. Each of them is happy with their tattoo and highly recommends our services. Choose a tattoo from professional artists in our studio and join the ranks of our satisfied customers.

Why choose a professional


When deciding on a tattoo cover, it is worth turning to professionals who have the appropriate experience and skills in this field. Our tattoo studio specialises in cover tattoos, we offer our clients high quality services and satisfaction with the final result.

Our artists have extensive knowledge of cover tattoo techniques and can use existing designs in a creative and original way, transforming them into completely new designs. Thanks to extensive experience in working with cover tattoos, our artists are able to meet even the most difficult challenges, creating unusual and beautiful tattoo covers.

By choosing our tattoo studio for a tattoo cover, you can be sure that the process of transforming an old tattoo into a new one will take place in a friendly atmosphere, with full commitment and professionalism on the part of our artists. Our studio takes care of every detail, from consultation, through making a cover, to tattoo care and correction.

We will showcase our


In our tattoo studio, we have created many unconventional and impressive tattoo cover-ups. We invite you to explore our portfolio which showcases the variety of our cover-up designs, from covering up failed tattoos to covering up scars, bold covers of both men’s and women’s tattoos.


Our artists are able to transform different types of tattoos, such as tribal cover tattoos, forearm cover tattoos and women’s cover tattoos. For each project, we make every effort to ensure that the final result is in line with the client’s expectations, as well as aesthetic and durable.


Why does it cost more than a regular tattoo


A cover-up tattoo, also known as a tattoo cover-up, is a technique that allows for the transformation of an existing tattoo into an entirely new design. It is a process that requires greater precision, experience, and skill than creating a regular tattoo. That’s why its cost is higher.


First of all, making such a tattoo requires much more knowledge about colors and mixing techniques. The tattoo artist must also have the ability to hide old designs under new ones, which is not always easy. Therefore, to achieve a satisfactory effect, it is sometimes necessary to perform several sessions.


It is also worth remembering that the covering tattoo is usually larger than the original design. This is due to the need to cover the entire old tattoo, as well as the fact that the new design must be complex enough to effectively cover the previous one. All this makes the process more time- and labor-intensive, and therefore more expensive.

Instead of laser removal, we recommend the option of a


Many people wonder whether it is better to choose a tattoo cover or remove the unwanted design with a laser removal. Here are some reasons why you should choose a tattoo cover:

  • Faster process: Laser tattoo removal can take up to several months, and the effects are not always satisfactory. Tattoo covers, depending on the size and complexity of the design, can be done in one or several sessions, which saves time and patience.
  • Less risk of complications: Laser tattoo removal carries some risks, such as scarring, discomfort and infection. Tattoo covers are less invasive and the risk of complications is minimal as long as the rules of hygiene and care are followed.
  • New, unique design: By choosing a tattoo cover, you can transform a failed design into something completely new and original, allowing you to express your personality and taste.
  • Price: Depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo, covers can be a cheaper option than laser removal. However, it is worth rethinking your decision and consulting our studio to get the best result.Laser treatment

ATTENTION! Important information

Before deciding on laser tattoo removal or covering it with a new one, we warmly invite you to visit our tattoo studio. In our studio, we offer free consultations with experienced artists who will advise you on the best solutions tailored to your individual case. It may turn out that you won’t need laser removal, and our artist will be able to cover your “youthful mistakes” without the need for laser treatment. Come in and learn more!



Examples of unsuccessful laser procedures can be frightening. Unfortunately, laser technology, while groundbreaking, is not always effective and can lead to unwanted results such as scars and discoloration. That’s why it’s always recommended to use the services of reputable salons that can boast positive reviews and experienced specialists.

Unsuccessful laser procedures can leave difficult-to-conceal traces, and the final result of a tattoo on laser scars is unpredictable. It’s important to remember that each case is individual and requires the right approach.


All photos have been downloaded from the internet. Our studio does not perform laser tattoo removal, and we do not recommend any salons for laser procedures. We specialize exclusively in creating tattoo cover-ups.


The advantage of performing


Performing a tattoo cover by hand (free hand) has many advantages that translate into a better end result. Here are some reasons why you should choose this method:

  1. Greater precision: By working handheld, the tattoo artist has more control over the design process, allowing the cover to match the existing tattoo more closely and achieve better results.
  2. More creativity: The free hand method gives the artist more freedom in creating a new design, which allows you to use the existing tattoo in an unconventional and original way.
  3. Better adaptation to the shape of the body: By performing a hand tattoo cover, the artist can adapt the pattern to the individual characteristics of the client’s body, which translates into a better visual effect and greater comfort of wearing the tattoo.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect


  1. Consider your preferences and interests: When choosing a cover design, it is worth considering your interests, preferences and what we would like to express with a tattoo. You can also look for inspiration on the Internet or talk to an artist who will help you choose the right design.
  2. Choose the right size and place on the body: In the case of a tattoo cover, it is also important to properly match the size and place on the body. It is worth consulting with the artist who will choose the best option for a given tattoo and client’s figure.
  3. Choose the right colours and style: The colours and style of the tattoo cover should match the existing design and the individual preferences and tastes of the client. You can choose covers in a traditional, modern or abstract style, depending on your expectations.
  4. Pay attention to the build quality: Making a tattoo cover is a process that requires great precision and skill. Therefore, it is important to choose services only from experienced and qualified artists who have the appropriate qualifications and equipment.

Tattoo correction after


  1. After performing a tattoo cover, correction is sometimes necessary to achieve the final effect in line with the client’s expectations. In our Tattoo studio we perform tattoo correction after the cover, so you can get the perfect end result and satisfaction with the new tattoo.

    Tattoo correction after covers may include correcting the shape, colour or details of the design and adapting the tattoo to the individual preferences of the client. Our studio takes care of every detail so that the correction is as minimally invasive as possible and ensures lasting and aesthetic effects.


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We are pleased to answer any questions regarding our services. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to contact us. Our tattoo studio is open to anyone seeking professionalism and an individualized approach.

Making a cover tattoo can be a bit more painful than a regular tattoo, but it depends on the individual characteristics of the client and the place where the tattoo is done.

Basically, every tattoo can be transformed into a cover-up, but it’s worth consulting with the artist or the tattoo studio. The artist will help assess whether a particular design is suitable for a tattoo cover-up and will design the cover-up tattoo pattern “CORRECTLY.”

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