Traditional (old school) tattooing is a unique art form of decorating the skin using fine needles and pigments. This technique consists of solid, continuous lines and is still popular among Tattoo artists worldwide.
Among traditional tattoos, there are four main styles that form the basis of tattoo art:
American Traditional – style is characterised by bright, colourful patterns, filled with contrasting colours, as well as gold or silver accents.
Japanese Traditional – are characterised by fine, thin, uniform lines and intense colours.
Neotraditional – is a mixture of traditional style with features of modern tattoos. Neotraditional usually have detailed, homogeneous designs filled with bright colours.
Blackwork – is characterised by dark, irregular lines and styles that use mainly black paint.


Realistic tattoos are one of the increasingly popular techniques for creating tattoos. The aim is to create tattoos that look as if they have been designed by a professional artist, but at the same time look as if they are realistic, replicable in real life. Realistic tattoos are created using special tools and intricate techniques and the effect is amazing. Realistic tattoos are permanent and can last for many years if properly cared for.


Biomechanical / bio-organic style tattoos are a unique combination of purely mechanical elements and organic elements. The aim is to create a tattoo that is as realistic in appearance as possible, combined with mechanics. This can include elements such as diving suits or wetsuits, skeletons, machines or other technological elements, as well as organic elements such as plants, insects or marine motifs. The secret to such tattoos is to combine these two styles to create a completely new and unique look.

Graphic tattooing/engraving is one of the most popular styles of tattooing. It is a technique that allows graphics to be reproduced in the form of a permanent tattoo. Gravure uses a changing linear pattern to create a strong and distinctive look. Using engraving, large and small tattoos can be created, from simple to more intricate. The style can be used to create a variety of patterns, from geometric to abstract. Engraving can be done with a variety of tools, including needles, styluses and brushes. To be a good tattoo artist, you need to have a lot of experience and an extensive portfolio.


Japanese tattoos are one of the most respected and popular types of tattoos. They have a deep symbolic meaning and are often used to express certain ideals in life. Popular motifs of Japanese tattoos include bonsai trees, lotus flowers, kanji letters, koi, samurai, and tigers, Japanese masks, animals, and characters from Japanese mythology. Tattooing is usually done using traditional methods such as needle tattoos, stylus tattoos and brush tattoos.


Blackwork tattooing is an ideal technique for proponents of minimalism and owners of already unwanted tattoos. This style helps to get rid of an existing tattoo. These can be a variety of designs, as well as ornaments, geometric shapes, the level of complexity can be very varied. Blackwork tattoos are very common. They are characterised by black ink only, so that an existing tattoo can be hidden or altered. Blackwork can be characterised by two words – minimalism and simplicity. They are primarily tattoos that completely cover often quite large areas of skin, but not only. Increasingly, blackout is being used in a more subtle way, creating bracelets for example. The style is also very practical, as it is easy to use to hide various skin defects. Dark colours such as blackwork completely cover all skin defects. In addition, using this style can visually adjust the silhouette, as we all know that black colours make areas smaller and reduce the overall size.

Lettering style tattoos are one of the most popular and used tattoo styles. They are often used to create more intricate designs that have more meaning than just appearance. Lettering style tattoos only use a letter or word that is chosen by the person who wants to wear the tattoo. In addition to simple letters and words, lettering can include a variety of designs, especially when it comes to calligraphy-inspired tattoos. Colours are also quite important in lettering style tattoos, as the colours used can have a meaning or symbolise something personal to the person wearing the tattoo. Lettering can be used in many different ways, it can be used to create simple tattoos, but it can also be used as decoration for other tattoos. This can create more intricate tattoos that have more of a deeper meaning.

A chicano tattoo is a type of tattoo that is relatively young in the tattoo industry, but is nevertheless recognisable and growing rapidly.The most distinctive of chicano tattoos are sexy women with clown make-up painted on their faces, although even so, only dark and light colours are used here. Other themes of chicano tattoos include faith, weapons, wealth, playing cards and beautiful women with painted faces. Chicano tattoos are always memorable and difficult to confuse with other styles. The main motif in Chicano tattoos is religion; images of Mother Mary, Jesus and other saints are common. Although chicano tattoos mainly use religious themes, the saints are often depicted in dark colours.

Geometric tattoos or ornaments are stylised, complex designs made of polygons, circles, lines and triangles to symbolise different ideas and patterns. Ornaments are often chosen for their beautiful but subdued designs that are able to express true emotions and thoughts. Geometric tattoos can be symbolic or abstract and are often used to represent complex philosophical ideas. Geometric tattoos are also used to express love, respect and devotion. Ornaments executed on the skin, can take the form of abstract drawings, complex symbols or sequences of lines. In most cases, geometric tattoos are done in dark, contrasting colours to make them stand out.

Irezumi’s tattoos are beautiful and unique. They have rich symbolism and their colours are extremely expressive. The history of this art dates back more than 10,000 years, with its emergence officially dating between 300 BC and 300 AD. Today, Irezumi tattoos are made using a traditional technique that uses nara ink, also known as nara black, and metal needles. The tattooing process can take up to five years.


Neo-Traditional tattoos are often described as a fusion of the American traditional tattoo style with contemporary artistic expression. They are characterised by dark, rigid lines, rich, bright colours, as well as a sense of depth and three-dimensionality without being overdone. They differ from traditional American tattooing because there are no rules, and the artist can enjoy the theme, colours and thickness of the lines to bring life to the tattoo. They often emphasise or accentuate the shape of the body.

Linework or fineline tattooing is a style of tattooing that focuses on precise, clear lines and detail. Artists use precise tools such as needles and scalpels to shout out the patterns that make up a particular design. The main advantage of linework is that its fine details remain permanent for a long time. This style of tattooing is quite difficult to produce, so the performers must have exceptional skill to achieve the desired effect and permanence. In addition, very thorough hygiene is required.

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